The company is managed by a team of dedicated company directors and technicians who have vast practical and experience more than 15 years in the field of Fire Protection and Fire Fighting services.

Our principal activities are to supply and install all types of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Alarm Control Panels and Fire Fighting Equipments such as Smoke Detector, Break glass (Detection), Canvas Hose, Branch Pipes, Sprinklers (Protection) and others.

We specialize in the field of servicing / maintenance of Fire Extinguisher. Our qualified Technicians carefully carried out each servicing routine.

We can provide on the spot servicing of most type of portable fire extinguisher (including the mobile 75kg) type :-

  • Refilling / recycle and checking of dry powder
  • Re-pressuring of stored – pressure extinguisher
  • Instant replacement of spare parts for most extinguishers.

We are able to fill and check all type of dry powder extinguishers by our qualified technicians. By doing so we able to:-

  • Check the present condition of the existing dry powder in the cylinder
  • Refilling can now be carried out in dust free atmosphere
  • Ensure that the ‘fluid’ nature of the dry powder in maintained

We also specialize in REPAIRING, SERVICES and MAINTAINING of Fire Detection and Protection systems.